Sally Kang

why join the navy.

College Projects

  • The Tor Network: Malicious Exit Relay and DNS Resolution
  • In this project, we attempt to monitor and analysis Tor exit relays by detecting the malicious exit relays and looking into the DNS resolution. See more information for our code based on exitmap , also the slides of our work.

  • A Demonstration of NoSQL (MongoDB and Neo4j)
  • This is a demonstration of working with both MongoDB and Neo4j in terms of designing suitable schema and writing practical queries.

  • A Simple HTTP Scanner Written in Go
  • University Forum Website
  • An online forum website for university students to exchange and share information, written in Java and powered by SpringMVC framework. See more information

  • UniConnect
  • Yep, another forum website demo written in Python and powered by Django framework. See more information

  • Lyrics of Jay Chou
  • A twitter bot randomly posting a line of lyrics from Jay Chou's songs.

  • Sydney-heartbeat
  • Inspired by Oliver O'Brien's work: London tube heartbeat, a fascinating visual work of London Underground network. Try to display a similar visualization of sydney train network.

  • Arduino-based 3D Game Machine
  • This project is to make a gamepad for playing Tetris game on the computer by implementing Arduino and a 3D accelerator.

  • Demo of A Simple RISC Processor
  • This project is for the course computer architecture. My work is to design and implement a complete single-cycle processor that can execute a simple demo program. See more information (It looks pretty dumb nowadays though, either the code or the documentation)

  • A Simple Softmax Classifier
  • Build a Softmax classifier for fashion MNIST dataset

  • A Simple Neural Network
  • This is a very simple, three-layer neural network implemented with Pytorch. The dataset used here is the CIFAR-10 image dataset.


  • Analysis WeChat Friends
  • Get QQZone Shit Back
  • Get The Most Popular Movies From Douban
  • Checking Douban Movie Rating From Terminal
  • Get Weibo Shit Back