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Emacs Use(1)

21 Apr 2019

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The very first reason definately is RMS, inspired by this book Free as in Freedom . And I am totally moved by RMS, this man might be the only thorough idealist in the world. Thanks to his stubborn , now we have one of the most popular open source operating systems with more than tens of thousands of developers, yes, that is GNU/Linux OS.

Get back to Emacs, I started using Emacs is just out of curiosity, I mean, it’s called the editor of gods anyway, who wouldn’t wanna give it a try? Actually I used to use Vim most time on Linux servers (even now… because it indeed loads faster than emacs, God Bless Uganda, just saying).

The official GNU Emacs Manual calls Emacs

the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor

To be honest, it tells beginners almost nothing about Emacs. As far as now, the best awesome part of Emacs for me is Org-mode, as you can check there,

Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system.

I’ve spent many hours tweaking my Emacs to use Org mode for my daily GTD management, which is also the main reason I am using Emacs.



I kind of started from this github repo: Master Emacs in One Year and many online resources: blogs, tutorials, basically just googling everything I want to know.

LIst some awesome resources (which I remembered to bookmark,):

How I use

  1. Copy others’ setting : git clone

  2. Tweak until death

I created a git repository called “orgfiles” for all my org files. In this way I can use git to synchronize my files among different computers. each computer will auto push modified content under orgfiles directory every minute, I am using crontab doing this:

*/60 * * * * /bin/sh /home/snape/ >> /home/error.log

However, sometimes if I forgot exiting from Emacs on one computer and just kept that session, when I accessed Emacs from another computer the file would be locked, and using Git to synchronize also has conflict problems, still trying to solve this, maybe I will use dropbox instead of Git later.

I label my org files into two directories:

they are both under “orgfiles” directory.

For GTD, I have these orgfiles in total:

But recently I want to use Emacs everywhere, that I even add two more org files for my life entertainment (…..ok):

now everyday I just need to open Emacs and have a nice day

and … tweaking:

Happy hacks, Emacs love you :)

Still long way to go

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