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Dijkstra's Algorithm

15 Jul 2018

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What is it for?

To find the shortest paths between nodes in graph.

Use cases

Algorithm in Python

First, set a hashtable as the whole graph,

graph = {}

Store neighbors of a node:

graph["node"] = ["neighbor1","neighbor2","neighbor3"]

Represent weights of paths in graph:

graph["node1"]["node2"] = 4
graph["node2"]["node3"] = 6

Represent costs of each node in graph, here the costs means the total distance from the start node to the current node.

costs = {}

Represent processed nodes

processed = []

The complete code:

node = find_lowest_cost_node(costs)
while node is not None:
	cost = costs[node]
	neighbors = graph[node]
	for n in neighbors.keys():
		new_cost = cost+ neighbors[n]
		if costs[n] > new_cost:
			costs[n] = new_cost
			parents[n] = node
			node = find_lowest_cost_node(costs)
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